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For the way you want to be remembered
Capshul is the premier memory collector app designed to help you preserve and share your cherished memories. Perfect for families individuals, and those supporting loved ones with dementia.
How it Works?

Unlocking Emotions

Unlock your emotions by engaging in our immersive 5 modules






Admin Access

Allow a trusted person to manage your account after you pass away, ensuring your photos and favourite songs are used for memorials and funerals, aswell as inviting loved ones in to your Capshul, keeping your legacy alive.

What Sets Us Apart?

Tell your life's stories in easy to view and read edits. Include photo's, voice recordings, video's, location tagging and more… Use our memoir app for legacy preservation, capturing special moments. Perfect for planning your own funeral or a celebration of life.

Capture your life's essence in a fun format with up to 60 of your favourite photo's. We encourage you to go bold with statement images that really capture who you are…Use the best photo book app to ensure treasured keepsakes.

Express yourself on canvas with this creative module. Create a collage, mark up an existing photo, or type up that poem rolling around in your head. There are no limits here…Transform your family photo album into a masterpiece with ease, preserving memories and creating lasting digital photo albums online.

Capture the songs that represent who you are. Help apply the right music to your celebration of life, and allow family and friends an insight into You through the songs you love…Share your musical favorites with loved ones, letting them know the soundtrack of your life and keeping your cherished moments alive.

Feel safe in the knowledge your special instructions, important documents, and Nona's famous recipe is secure in our PIN locked Vault…Vault ensures your important files and memories are safe. Vault is the best way to save memories, providing secure file storage for all your needs.

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What’s Included?

    3 stories and 3 chapters in each story,
    5 images in each chapter.

    14 Photos in the Photos Module

    2 Canvas

    5 Songs

    2 Vault Documents

    Unlimited Users

    0 Admin


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What’s Included?

    Unlimited stories and 5 Chapters with
    10 images in each chapter.

    60 Photos in the Photos Module

    25 Canvas

    25 Songs

    25 Vault Documents

    Unlimited Users

    5 Admin

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